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  • Our insulation is manufactured with a minimum of 85% recycled post-consumer newsprint.   
  • Less embodied energy is needed to produce cellulose than the equivalent amount of fiberglass.    
  • Our installation process has no jobsite waste. All excess cellulose is vacuumed and reused.  
  • The manufacturing process releases virtually 0% direct CO2 emissions.   
  • Our insulation contains no asbestos, formaldehyde or fiberglass


Cellulose insulated walls are more fire resistant than non-insulated walls.  This is because cellulose's dense structure keeps the insulation from melting (as fiberglass does) when temperatures reach above 350 degrees.  Cellulose installed by R-Tek Insulation is treated with specially engineered and highly effective fire retardants that actually slow the spread of fire. The final result is that our cellulose insulation provides 15 minutes of burn resistance to 2x4 wood framed walls.


Cellulose can be blown into every nook and cranny in walls, crawlspaces and attics with ease and accuracy. Because it creates a seamless seal, the amount of air flow  is reduced drastically, so temperatures are more consistent and noise reduction is greater from room to room and from outside to inside the structure.