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"Paul, Thanks! We appreciate a job well done."

- Paul & Becky (Homeowners) SHEFFIELD VILLAGE, OH

"Thank you very much.  The two upstairs bedrooms are so much warmer now.  We no longer need to use space heaters.  It's amazing!!. Thanks again."

- Theresa (Homeowner)  NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH

"I just  wanted to drop a quick message to say thank you to you and your crew for getting the insulation job carried out and completed on our home this week.
"I knew  it would be tricky with the weather this month, and I am sure you have had to reschedule quite a few jobs, but thank you for working with the roofing company to get ours done.
"The crews you sent worked hard both days they were here. Last week it was very windy and the insulation and everything was blowing everywhere, but the guys took the time and went beyond what I thought they would to get everything picked up. It was much appreciated.
"The roof looks great and I’m excited for the winter now to see how it all performs!"

- Lisa (Homeowner)  AURORA, OH

"We had our exit audit with GoodCents today and passed with flying colors.  The auditor was impressed with the improvements.  He seems to have a high regard for you and your company.  We certainly agree. Your workers were great.  Just wanted you to know how pleased we were with everything..."

- Louise (Homeowner) FAIRVIEW PARK, OH 

"My house feels so much warmer now!  Your guys did a great job."

- Chuck (Homeowner) UNIONTOWN, OH

"We are happy to report that we have had no water/moisture issues in the cathedral ceiling or walls this winter.  This is the first time in over 12 years that we have hope that the water issues are over.  We appreciate you being an honest and reputable business owner."

- Doug (Homeowner) INDEPENDENCE, OH

"Bottom line, all the work that was done was well worth it.  The garage is staying around 43 degrees and the heater very seldom comes on.  The house, when we set the thermostat at 68 degrees it's 68 degrees downstairs and 68-69 degrees upstairs.  We have not had to run the portable heater upstairs at all.  We cannot believe how much warmer the spare closet is in the computer room upstairs after the insulation was put in. Gas bill for January 2015 Ccf used 246 compared to 2014 363 used, both for 34 billing days, January 2015 temp. 29.9o – 2014 temp. 28.3o a good savings.  Paul, in conclusion, great job.  I will pass your name along if anyone ask me about insulation.  Again great job."

- Mike (Homeowner) NORTH ROYALTON, OH

" husband and I have certainly noticed, especially during this cold snap, the difference that the insulation work you did for us has made in keeping our home warmer and more comfortable...  Thank you so much for your patience and the great work from R-Tek." 

- Marnie (Homeowner)  CANTON, OH

" mom is very happy that she did all the insulation!  We notice a huge difference in the house."

- Kathy (Homeowner) SOLON, OH

"Thank you for submitting the paperwork for a rebate from Dominion.  The inspection just left the house.  He commented on the excellent job that was done by your company."

- Edward (Homeowner)  AKRON, OH

"Your employees did an excellent job and were very professional and polite."

- Jason (Contractor)  NORTH LAWRENCE, OH

"We can tell a big difference in the house already.  Paul, tell your guys what a great job we think they did.  They kept us informed, were courteous, were clean as they could be.  Our hat is off to them.  I recommend you highly."

-Mike (Homeowner)  FAIRLAWN, OH

"I can't believe the amount of money we're saving.  It's just crazy!!! lol.  ...Thank you all so much for your help and for getting things worked out for us. Oh I love getting up to a warm house.  You guys don't know how much of a difference you have made in our 140+ year old house.  I didn't think we would ever be this warm."

- Stephanie (Homeowner)  EAST CANTON, OH

"As a person who actually operated an insulation division in my home services company, a division of the company that actually insulated homes for almost ten years back in the 1970's & early 1980's, I would like to congratulate you for the incredible quality demonstrated on updating my attic insulation and ventilation!

"I will list my impressions:

1. The insulated attic hatch door is very well done and very tight to eliminate air leakage.

2. The depth of the insulation is extremely uniform and actually looks great.  I know how hard it is to get that look, but it allows a person to be able to see that he got what he paid for.

3. Terminating all of my bathroom exhaust vents to the outside was done with more detail and much better than I had imagined.  Using insulated piping was beyond my expectations.

4. Every single soffit vent was kept open by the use of soffit spacers and they weren't just just stuck in there...they were stapled in place!

"In general everything was done with extreme attention to detail and the end result for our home has been that we are more comfortable.  We also have noticed that we don't et the huge icicles and longer like we used to get. And our second floor stays much cooler with the air conditioning on  than ever before!

"Having been in this business myself, I know what type of training you must be doing to get workmanship tlike the workmanship that was demonstrated in my home.  It's not easy!

"And the team was friendly, respected my property, and cleaned up so well, we could not even tell they were here.

"Thank you! I will always recommend R-Tek Insulation to all of my friends & neighbors."

- Bill (Homeowner)  WADSWORTH, OH

"I really appreciate all that you and R-Tek have done.  Even with record cold, our home has stayed comfortable, the crawl space and basement are surprisingly warm, and we don't have huge iceicles dripping from our roof like we have had the last several snowey winters."
(Homeowner)  CANTON, OH

"I was very grateful for the referral to R-Tek Insulation and meeting Paul Middlecoop.  He listened to all my concerns and answered all my questions regarding my bungalow - how the upstairs and attic was so hot in the summer and so cold in the winter.  He explained in detail why I was having ice/water build up and damage in my bedroom, living room, dining room & family room...

"Wow! Frank, Charles & Jimmy did an outstanding job with the insulation - they were perfectionists and again, answered all my questions. My attic looks great and already I can see and feel the difference. The upstairs bedroom is so much cooler and so much more comfortable.

"I will refer all of my friends and family to you.  Thank you for a job well done." 

- Marie (Homeowner) PARMA, OH

"..things are warmer in the house.  The best place to tell the difference is in the attic"

- Cindy (Homeowner), MASSILLON, OH